Site Specific Installation
The EpiscoDisco at Grace Cathedral
San Francisco, CA - August 2009

‘Say My Name’ is a lighthearted musing on
the material expression of the spiritual, as
well as a meditation on the diametric
qualities of the physical and divine realms.
The installation seeks to echo/mirror the
physical form and intention of Grace
Cathedral itself – rich materials, elaborate
decoration, and massive scale evoking the
presence of God and the emotions of faith
(while expressing the power of the church
and the wealth of its benefactors) –
essential qualities of gothic church
architecture. Expounding on the physical
form of the cathedral and corresponding
church traditions of bejeweled reliquaries,
golden Eucharist chalices, and the
kissings of popes’ rings, a contemporary
manifestation takes shape as a levitating,
deity- sized bling piece. ‘Say My Name’ also
seeks to explore parallels between the
church’s luxuriant expressions of the
spiritual & sacred and contemporary
material displays of wealth, power,
and import evidenced in popular culture.

The letters of the nameplate, YHWH,
are the transliteration of the ancient
Hebrew Tetragrammaton representing
God’s name. The true pronunciation of
God’s name has been lost to taboo,
time, and translation, but the prevailing
interpretation is that ‘YHWH’ can be
extrapolated to ‘Yahweh’, and anglicized to
‘Jehovah’ (further translated by Jay-Z to
‘H to the Izz O, V to the Izz A’ ).

- Holla at Your Savior -

mylar balloons, helium
Best Laid Plans
nave section
'Say My Name'
nave to arcade view
'Say My Name'
labyrinth to apse view
'Say My Name'
nave view
Drawing Parallels
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